Immediate Delivery —— End This Inhuman Cycle

Immediate Delivery —— End This Inhuman Cycle

Idea / Organ Harvesting has been a topic of discussion for many years. However, with the advancement in technology and the increase in humanity awareness, this concern has yet raised enough attention and been addressed properly. Imagine a world where organs can be instantly ordered, delivered, and then disposed like any items shopped from the Internet. In this surreal circumstance, how would this type of service look like? This poster presents the idea of Organ Harvesting in the form of graphic novel, in the hope of raising awareness beyond the language boundaries. Hints and symbolic icons are embedded in the carefully designed storyline, which contains meaningful and thought-provoking messages regarding Organ Harvesting. The story starts with a patient in need of organ transplantation (the consumer) who can easily order any organ through an Online Shopping App. Immediately after placing the order, various organs were exported as merchandises from the factory (the victims). Not every organ ordered by the patients will meet their needs, but that will not cause any concerns. Because the patient can always dispose the unwanted organs and order new ones, the package will again be delivered immediately. This inhuman cycle of organ harvesting continues and has yet reach an end. The poster demonstrates the absurd reality of Organ Harvesting. Instead of some bloody and brutal imagination that comes in mind, this poster uses vibrant colors to intrude the audience’s visual experience. The audience needs to carefully adjust the focal point of the eye and take a deep breath before interpreting the poster and attempting to decipher its underlying messages. This design inspires imagination and invites diverse discussions.

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Evidence of Investigations into Recordings of Hospitals Nationwide




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