Life like a puzzle game

Life like a puzzle game

Idea / The idea of this poster is how to describe life like a puzzle game. Some of the pictures can be taken at any time and at will. The concept of this poster is the background of a big case in China, live organ harvesting in China is like a puzzle game, it can be picked up at any time. This is very sad and unnatural, life is just a game and is very disrespected. The main visual depicts the Chinese flag as well as the map of China, as an icon of this country, and the Chinese flag is shaped like a puzzle game, where part of the puzzle image is open and has been cut out. There are icons of human organs which are very valuable to be taken. With the impression that the pieces of the puzzle were cut, it shows that this case is very important, has happened and is very severe, so we have to keep the other puzzle pieces from opening and remain intact. The second visual is an illustration of a bloody knife with a human face. The knife is a figure and human face of ground, so this theory becomes a theory of figure ground in design. This means that this knife is controlled by human nature that is not good and evil. In the headline, there is Chinese typography that says life is like a game. Then in the body copy there is a sentence that says (stop live organ harvesting in china!) And the last sentence says (stop this! So that no more injuries will increase).The red color means danger, energy, and action. in addition, this design uses a minimalist style design. (Ardi Chandra, student of visual communication design, the state university of padang, Indonesia, Saturday, August 22, 2020)

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Evidence of Investigations into Recordings of Hospitals Nationwide




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