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Idea / This poster presents one of China's most valuable cultural object as the centerpiece of the imagery, the Chinese Knot. Decorated for variety of reasons, the Knot is the Chinese symbol of luck, longevity and eternity. Juxtaposed with a Bloody Eye in the middle and a medical Forceps holding the Knot, the poster creates a contrast of two completely opposing principles; the tradition that values life and the atrocities of forced live organ harvesting which is inhumane. Under the Knot is a gold Wu Zhu coin which symbolizes China's yearning for fortune and wealth while disregarding human rights, thus the splash of blood on the coin. Under the coin is the word 'STOP' in bold letters which hinders the dripping of blood. This means that we need to work extra hard to stop this practice and save lives from this dangerous actions.

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Evidence of Investigations into Recordings of Hospitals Nationwide




SMGネットワーク 台灣國際器官移植關懷協會 KAEOT(한국장기이식윤리협회)




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