Idea / The main concept is to build recognition with the famous online shopping platform. Millions of people prefer to shop online and ready to buy goods that would be cheaper without the consideration of the ethic behind the production of the products. The cheap shopping is turning people the blind eye to the reasons behind the lower prices, though production might use child labour or causing the pollution. The same dark truth is behind the organ donor's bank in China. Why is to so easy to find the needed organ in China? It reminds the easy process of online shopping with the delivery on time. In the moral aspect, it is complicated to decide what is right, when it the question of life, but it cannot and should not be easy to buy something if such purchase is bringing the unwilling loss of life. The poster is simple without any reluctant elements but displaying the horror of the situation and unbearable truth of people's suffering.

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Evidence of Investigations into Recordings of Hospitals Nationwide




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