Idea / This poster uses a minimalist design style. There are 2 design elements that make up an "exclamation mark" or warning. The main visual uses the gestalt principle in the form of figure ground theory. Figures in the form of a knife and ground in the form of a human face. It has a philosophy that this knife can be controlled by evil and bad human nature. There you can see two human faces facing each other as if they are planning something. The second visual is in the form of human internal organs contained in a circle. Overall, this visual represents a warning or prevention, so that no more injuries will increase with this big case in China. Red means action, harm, and energy. The black color in the bodycopy is strong and firm. The white space in the center of the blade indicates a surgical tool, other than a knife. The headline is a warning !, then the body copy is “stop organ harvesting in china” and the last sentence is “stop this! So that no more wounds increase. Ardi chandra/visual communication design/17027006/Indonesia

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Evidence of Investigations into Recordings of Hospitals Nationwide




SMGネットワーク 台灣國際器官移植關懷協會 KAEOT(한국장기이식윤리협회)




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