Slaughterhouse in China

Slaughterhouse in China

Idea / The main visual uses the concept of fresh supply of conveyor belt sushi and transfer behavior to present the idea of the supply chain, symbolizing the continuous operation of China's brutal and plundering people's organs. The background of the poster uses the image of the Chinese five-star flag and the CNY, expressing that in order to earn the CNY, it is ignorant of the conscience to commit the evil act of dehumanizing live organ harvesting. The Chinese in power are like butchers in the slaughterhouse. Government officials and doctors engage in illegal activities to restrict the people. Freedom and forced organ harvesting, so that the people were forced to disappear for no reason. Through the poster design, we hope that all countries in the world can support justice, press the stop button to stop the whole evil deeds, and jointly resist China's dehumanizing behavior.

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Evidence of Investigations into Recordings of Hospitals Nationwide




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