The red can not cover up the truth.

The red can not cover up the truth.

Idea / The theme of my work is "The Red can not cover up the truth." The Red is figuratively referring to China and Communist Party of China. Headcopy is "一紅遮百?" which means "Can it be covered with redness?" and it is "붉다하여 가릴 수 있는가?" In Korean. The image shows the blood under the Chinese flag. And this blood looks like a human face. The surgeon's hand is putting the Scalpel on the neck shape of the blood. This represents a medical genocide. I wanted to express organ harvesting with text and images instead of directly putting organs in images. The red color of the Chinese flag and the Communist Party of China cannot conceal the truth of inhumane organ harvesting. Thank you.

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Evidence of Investigations into Recordings of Hospitals Nationwide




SMGネットワーク 台灣國際器官移植關懷協會 KAEOT(한국장기이식윤리협회)




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