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Idea / On the poster, there is a cream wallet with a few stitches. If you look closely, the wallet resembles the shape of a human stomach, with a wound on the side. The wound is in the form of stitches from the operation after donating an organ. The purpose of this poster is to convey to the Chinese government that organ donation is about humanity to others, not just looking for profit by selling it.

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Evidence of Investigations into Recordings of Hospitals Nationwide


Judge Comments
尹立 Aaron Yin
尹立 Aaron Yin
Live organ harvesting itself is a brutal and bloody issue. The visual expression of the posters can be diverse and vivid. While direct and powerful images are attractive for the eyes, but the clever use of metaphorical symbols can offer deeper meanings than the what is seen on the surface, leading to deliberations of good and evil, totalitarianism and humanism. The artist presented an image of a sutured leather wallet, but with careful observation, it appears to be a stomach that is being harvested. The technique is restrained and subtle, but conveys the human sufferings underlying the profits gained from organ harvesting.



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