Communism with panda's face Communism with panda's face Communism with panda's face Communism with panda's face

Communism with panda's face

Idea / The People´s Republic of China – a country that is recently trying to present itself well and in a pleasantly manner to the Western world. China boasts about its rapidly increasing economy, growing middle class and is in the forefront of commercial interest because of its globally fastest expanding market. China shows a face of a good-natured Chinese bear to the West. We are aware of the fact that this bear has its claws hidden somewhere, but we desire to burrow our heads into its fur and cuddle it close. The colours covering the bear´s coat, colours of “yin and yang” do not only reflect the bright and dark sides of the recent past of China, but also current present. A great leap forward. Campaign against the rightists or the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution may belong to the past. Nevertheless, massive violation of human rights occurs even nowadays. What China definitely does not boast about is the highest number of people unjustly imprisoned. Although China in fact remains a totalitarian state, it has built a specific type of capitalism which does not hesitate to turn even its own citizens into money and misuses them as a source for organ trade. I have created a panda-man-abused prisoner. In the installation formed from teddy bear bodies, the Chinese pride and joy blends with one of the Chinese taboos. General awareness of the problems and ethics connected with human organ trade shall be spread to public through my Project.

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Evidence of Investigations into Recordings of Hospitals Nationwide




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