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Good Appetite!

Idea / The market for organs is not only seen in China, but in the whole world. How many of these organs are legally traded? Concerning the huge benefit of these organs, how many innocent people are brutally harvested behind the door? With the progress of medicine, many people are bent on getting healthy organs at all costs. Although there are many victims being put on the chopping block, we still turn a blind eye to this issue and regard it as something common, like a normal meal. The act of eating in this poster symbolizes that people’s desire for human flesh is as terrible as the appetite. Though the poster looks like a delicacy on the surface, the healthy victim is actually having its organs cruelly and arbitrarily harvested by scalpels. Such atrocity continues to happen in a way as normal as our eating three meals.

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Evidence of Investigations into Recordings of Hospitals Nationwide




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