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On Sale!

Idea / Media has reported that some people sold their body organs to raise money for an iPad. Such behavior is indeed appalling. The US website Medical Transcription published a map of the transaction price of human organs in the US black market. We can see from the map that the top three organs with highest selling prices are kidney, liver and heart. There are 1.5 million people waiting for organ transplants every year in the country, but only some 10,000 people can receive surgical treatment. Such imbalance of organs created a huge gap in the market. Along with the fact that people from China, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are extremely poor and in lack of health knowledge, black markets trading their live organs are still active. Such industry is not supposed to emerge in the first place. This poster shows that living organs are as cheap as fresh food sold in supermarkets. Since the date of sale, 12/10, is World Human Rights Day, countries commonly trading live organs like China, Pakistan and Bangladesh are satirized for their misbehavior. For many people, not until they lost their precious organs did they realize how difficult it would be to survive.

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Evidence of Investigations into Recordings of Hospitals Nationwide




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